All animal care providers know that a dog’s disposition can be profoundly influenced by the amount of exercise and attention he or she receives. In fact, some behaviorists believe  that 90% of all destructive behaviors are caused by boredom, frustration, and isolation. Dogs are pack animals and crave the companionship and stimulation of other dogs and humans.  Doggy Daycare provides that companionship and loads of exercise in a safe, supervised and constructive environment.

If you work long days, your dog is a rambunctious puppy or adolescent, or you just would like to socialize your dog with other canines and humans then Doggy Daycare is for you!

Our goal at MrsDoolittle’s is to provide your pets with a safe, fun and interactive environment. Your best friend will get all the attention and exercise needed in a dog-friendly setting. The day is spent socializing with their furry friends. We service OKC and surrounding metropolitan areas. Our premier Doggy Daycare and Boarding facility offers 6,000 sq. ft. of indoor climate controlled playrooms and kennels, 10,000 square feet of community outdoor and exercise room with divided play areas to accommodate dogs of all size, temperament and energy levels.

Every dog is screened for temperament through our interview process before being admitted to Doggy Daycare. Our staff will pair up your furry friend with a few dogs to determine how they participate in play. The process is only 2-3 hours but they can stay the remainder of the day for FREE.

Our doggy guests spend a day of fun and frolic with their canine and human friends – both outside in our backyard and inside in our huge playrooms. During the course of the day, our staff works on manners with your dog to ensure good behavior. We are always extra generous with the hugs and snuggles so it feels just like home. And naturally, we discourage negative behaviors-jumping, digging, and biting-so that daycare is constructive and fun!

Of course, hours of play can leave even the most playful pooch pooped out. We provide lunchtime naps when requested with dim lighting and soft music so that each dog will be ready for the afternoon romping. Your dog will go home exhausted and content and you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your best friend is truly happy.

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